Local Interior Design Inspiration: Alicia Cummings

A great piece of art can pull a room together. Much of the art displayed in the Hoffman & Albers interior design showroom was created by local artist Alicia Cummings. We sat down and discussed her story and how she got involved with Hoffman & Albers.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

“I have had a love for various art forms for as long as I can remember- from loving to color and draw as a kid to having fun putting colorful outfits together. My real love for exploring my own art came in high school. I had a phenomenal high school art teacher that helped shape my abilities and paved the road for my career choice. Creativity also runs in my blood. Both of my parents are musicians and I have always been influenced by their talents.”

What are your favorite mediums to work with?

“Painting has become my favorite medium of choice, but my stronger roots in drawing still serve purpose. Both go hand in hand really – I am still learning how to paint!”

What’s your thought process like?

“My process in creating work is always organic. Often themes or symbolism come out subconsciously. Landscapes are a recurring interest of mine. I love creating serenity and often play with light and reflections in various ways.”

Do you do any custom work?

“I have created custom work for multiple clients. It’s fun to challenge myself with new projects and ideas. As an interior design lover myself, it brings even more joy to create a custom piece for a specific space. If I can get enough feedback on what colors they want to pull or what fabric choices, textures, etc. are coming into play, it makes the process seamless. “

How did you get connected with Hoffman & Albers?

“I have always been in love with this store. I love the eclectic mix and unusual finds. As a customer myself, one of the designers (Nancy) came out to my home years ago when I bought a piece of furniture there. She commented on one of my paintings hanging in our foyer and encouraged me to contact Ann to share my portfolio. The rest is history. I have been so blessed to sell my work in this exquisite store. I am eternally grateful to Ann for giving me this opportunity to share a piece of me. This is really a dream come true.”

See more of Alicia’s work in the Hoffman & Albers showroom, located at 9405 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash, Ohio.