What FRIENDS Taught Us About Home Interior Design

Friends Interior Design trends

The characters of FRIENDS taught us so many life lessons about love and friendship, but they also taught us a few things about home interiors…

The One with the Apothecary Table

Ever enter a room and feel you just stepped into a furniture catalog? Phoebe understands, and she hated the mass-produced furniture market, claiming everyone ends up with the same stuff (we’re looking at you, Ross & Rachel). Luckily, almost everything at Hoffman & Albers is fully customizable!

Each room should have a basic design theme or color scheme to guide you, but don’t overdo it. Pieces should flow together, but not everything has to match perfectly. Like Phoebe’s fashion style, having some mismatching elements and eclectic furniture adds personality and depth to a room.

 The One in Barbados, Part 1

“You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” Seems silly, but Joey actually had a point here! Every room needs a focal point. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a TV, but maybe a piece of artwork, a fireplace, a table, a window.

The goal is to create an intimate space with a clear purpose. Your furniture should fill the space but allow for movement – think in clusters. Furniture that’s just pushed up against the wall may create a nice open space but probably feels boxy and limits conversation.

The One with the Secret Closet

Monica showed us even the most organized people struggle with finding a place for everything. But instead of creating a mountain of clutter in a secret closet, find little ways to create more storage. Every little bit counts!

Replace your living room coffee table with vintage trunk. Store blankets, movies, game controllers, etc. Do a lot of crafting? Use a wine rack to organize markers and a paper towel roll to keep track of your ribbons. Hanging shoe organizers are extremely versatile for more than just shoes. You can stuff anything from hats/gloves/scarves in the pockets to cleaning supplies or spray paints.

The Purple Wall

Monica & Rachel’s purple wall is a great lesson in choosing your furniture first! When designing a room, most people want to get everything freshly painted before worrying about furniture to move around or avoid getting dirty. It makes sense! But doing it this way severely limits your selection of furniture and accessories!

Picture yourself walking into a home improvement shop and the many paint swatches that line the walls. There’s so much more variation in paint than in furniture options.

If you start with your furniture, you can pick the piece you like best without being limited by a specific, predetermined color scheme. Once you found what you want, you can take home multiple paint swatches in a seemingly infinite variety of shades to see how well the colors work together.

Bonus Tip: Even a small variation in light can make a big difference. Test your paint colors on a small section of the wall and monitor them as the light changes throughout the day. What looks great in the soft morning light could look harsh and unflattering in the bright afternoon sun.

Interior designers at Hoffman & Albers can help you conquer all of your interior design decisions. When you finish binge-watching FRIENDS, come visit our showroom located at 9405 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash.