Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Design

Spring is just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about the great outdoors! Does your outdoor living space need an upgrade? Here are some design tips to keep in mind when planning your outdoor decorations.

Inside Out

Treat your outdoor space as an extension of your living room. Your interior design should flow seamlessly into your outdoor decorating. Use a similar color scheme, and pull similar textures and patterns to create cohesion between the inside and out.

Hide Away

If you’re concerned about privacy, fences or tall plants are an easy fix to create separation. Even just creating a covered seating area with an awning or umbrella forms a more intimate atmosphere.

Here Comes the Sun

Pay close attention to the movement of the sun across your space. Strategically place your patio furniture, umbrellas, and awnings accordingly, so you and your guests are comfortably shaded.

Dancing in the Dark

Don’t forget to consider your lighting once the sun has set. Strung lights create nice ambiance, and there are now solar powered outdoor light fixtures for an energy-efficient touch.

Singing in the Rain

Consider weather resistance, but also practicality when selecting your patio furniture sets. Materials like wicker are great to withstand all kinds of weather, but test out the pieces before buying them. They may be super durable and low-maintenance, but if they aren’t comfortable, you’ll never use it. Try to find the balance.

Things Are Looking Up

Finally, everyone loves a room with a view and your outdoor space should be no exception. Does your landscape complement the living space?

Outdoor decorating can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Visit our showroom’s garden department and speak with one of our designers who can help you plan the perfect outdoor sanctuary. 9405 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. 513.793.9100