Let's Talk Rayon

Rayon rugs are HOT HOT HOT. So what are they? The terms Rayon and Viscose are legally interchangeable. Rugs with the label “100 % Bamboo Silk” are actually 100% Rayon and the labeling is actually 100% illegal. Same goes for labels like “Luxcelle” and “Silkette”. The FTC says the fiber content of rugs must be immediately recognizable in the label. Many manufacturers will go to great lengths to avoid labeling their rugs “Rayon.”




Rayon rugs give you ALOT of look for a fraction of the cost of more durable quality wool, cotton and silk versions. The design and color variations are almost unlimited AND SUPER FUN. Machine manufacturing time is almost nothing. This makes them very affordable and very popular choices for low traffic areas. However, it’s important to know that… no surprise, you get what you pay for.



1.     Rayon has poor strength. Unlike cotton, which gets stronger when it is wet, rayon LOSES its strength, up to 50% of it’s strength! This means that when rayon rugs are cleaned, you need to use caution.

2.     Rayon is very lustrous. This means that the pile “shades” or distorts under wet feet, a small liquid spill or a pet accident. Water based cleaners will flatten the unforgiving pile. This is VERY difficult or impossible to correct.

3.     Rayon crushes easily. Like a love crush gone really wrong, this gets complicated and the pile gets “matted”. Aggressive vacuuming only makes it worse.

4.     Professional designers enlist companies like Fiberseal (fiberseal.com) to apply protection and offer clean-ability suggestions at the point of delivery in the home.

If you understand all of the above and need to make quick, inexpensive changes to your space then Rayon is a great choice! GO FOR IT!

(excerpted from FIBERFACTS, 2018)